Under a Broken Street Lamp – Michael Essington / David Gurz – short stories

UaBSLI’ve pretty much been a comic book fiend lately, not super hero stuff, except Mark Millar’s “Kick Ass”, more like adult novels with graphics (sometimes brutal). So when I read “Under A Broken Street Lamp”, a short collection of short stories, my first response to Michael Essington (of The Last One To Die) , one of the authors, was “loved the book Mike, all three stories were killer. Been reading a lot of adult comics lately Millar, Ennis etc. Yours and the Gurz stories would make great comics…Templesmith for the artist.” I don’t know if that would be a compliment to most people, but to me it’s huge. These three stories are dark, but my mind was lit up with detailed images of the characters. Both writers paint vivid pictures, but they ration their words, like a shipwrecked crew does water…you savor every drop. Β The stories are deep but there’s no bullshit fluff to get lost in. These are not uplifting stories, you get two very real authors creating very real characters. “Gritty” is a word I’ve heard used with this style of writing. Gurz and Essington are similar in that respect, but they are two distinct entities, like Bukowski and Thompson. The cover image, a photo by the legendary Edward Colver sets the tone and really as a package, is the icing on the cake. As I said, this is a short collection of short stories, so it goes down pretty quick, like hobos sharing a bottle of wine. If I had one criticism, it’s that it’s too short. Not the stories themselves, they are perfectly complete, to add another sentence to them would be a waste of time. I’d like to see a collection of 5 or 6 stories from each author, but that’s the addict in me, one is too many and a thousand is never enough. Each story is a complete meal, so give a guy three meals and then you’ve got yourself a regular customer.Β Β Once you read these, you’ll be like me, waiting to read more from these guys.Β  Here is the PR for the book in case you wanted something informative and not just my bullshit ramblings.Β  The book is now available on Kindle at Amazon for just 2 bucks. There are just 50 hardcopies, #d and signed, but you’ll have to get in line behind me to get one of those. Hahaha…go to Mikes Last One To Die, Facebook page and get one from him quick.

2 thoughts on “Under a Broken Street Lamp – Michael Essington / David Gurz – short stories

  1. Essington has a wonderful and creative way of writing. He captivates and puts you into the story. I cannot wait to read this and am anxiously awaiting the new book!!! Looking forward to reading Gurz, as well. Thanks for the review…

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