Happy New Year!!! (8 days late)

12-12Made the local paper again. Funny, it’s not till I see a picture of myself , that I realize how hefty I am. If it wasn’t for my herniated discs I’d do crunches…yeah right.  Hit 44 yesterday, not much of a birthday, something about two 4’s.

01-03-13 (26)Had my boy, who is now a man, here for the holidays, first time we’ve spent Xmas together in 10 years. Fucking stud, his old man could not be any prouder. Hell of a way to drop into 2013…does not get any better than that. Just like his old man, he’s a music lover (and a video gamer, lover/not a fighter) although his deal is hip-hop and rap. WTF right, at least it’s not all about emo or Green Day.  So he is my consultant in a genre where the full extent of my knowledge is pretty much the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and NWA (and maybe few more from the same era).  Now you need to put aside all sensitivities when you go exploring thus because you’re guaranteed to get a shit ton of niggas, ho’s, bitches, gunplay, a fascination with shiny objects and most certainly all about the MONEY!  “Time is money so I went and bought me a Rolex.”  Objectively though you have to support the creative process.  Of the newer stuff, my son and I share a fondness for the stoney sound, where you’re almost certain the rapper and DJ have been hittin’ the green…shit they’re not shy about it.  Damn the samples are critical to that vibe too.  Anyway, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa figure pretty heavily on my Son’s playlist…these four tunes have the Mustard Relics stamp of approval.

Big Sean – Made (Feat. Drake)

Wiz Khalifa – Phone Numbers (Ft. Trae Tha Truth & Big Sean)


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