Iowa Beef Experience – Jubilix 7″

Got busy with the Holidays, specifically Xmas so it’s been quiet at the Relics.Β  Got my son here, getting to spend our first Christmas together in 10 years (we spend summers together).Β  He wanted a white Christmas, which ended up happening in a light spitting kinda way, but on the Wednesday before, we had a blizzard so there was a good deal of snow on the ground.Β  He keeps me up to date with the rap/hip-hop scene as that’s his musical direction although I caught him singing a Frank Sinatra tune, which goes to show that he likes a mixed bag like his old man.

wowDon’t know what movie this is, wish I did, but damn they can do some things with CGI. I know a lot of people hate the whole computer animation thing.Β  Really appreciate all forms of special effects and/or animation, it’s art right? With the Christmas you get bombarded with shit tons of “classics”, but of note is all those old killer stop/action animation movies.Β  Love that stuff and not just because of reminding me of my childhood, but I can just groove to the skill and artistry.

Picked up a record for a buck or two a while back. The A side sucked so bad that I just had to sell it on ebay, which I did for $2, but the B side was pretty cool and worth ripping. Kind of a power pop, real basic rock n roll thing, worth sharing…
Ulterior Motive – (Under) Suspicion

Another one of those ones added to the fold, solely for the artwork, not ever having heard of the band. Talk about Rosie the Rivetter. I can’t begin to repeat myself enough when I talk about how important cover art is to a record.Β  You could tack this to the wall, never listen to the record and get enjoyment out of it.Β  In this case the wax doesn’t disappoint either, AmRep, Touch & Go worship to the extreme.Β  A Killdozer meets Jesus Lizard-ish vibe was my first thought.Β  This is where punk ended up for those who never lost the ability to be snotty and noisy.Β  There is a Steve Albini connection and this was released on Sympathy For the Record Industry in 1991…it’s all there set in it’s setting…hahaha.Β  Their album Personalien is really good, maybe better than these two tunes.Β  I had a link to it on some now dead blog but the link is gone, as well it should (I suppose) as you can support the band (I assume) by getting it from iTunes (the Tao of music industry these days). The two tunes on this 7″ aren’t there for now so here they are, for now.


Nitro Burning Funny Cow


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