Discharge – first two 7″s

kaos_logo_from_get_smartThanx Mike for reminding me about another Kaos.  The show (not the movie) Get Smart was right up there with the Three Stooges, the Little Rascals, the Bowery Boys, HR Puffenstuff and Land of the Lost, as far as TV for me in the 70’s.  A part of me always wanted Kaos to get the best of old Maxwell Smart.  Used to spend a fair amount of time with my Cuban godparents (padrinos) and they didn’t really care what I watched.  Actually the old man, Reynaldo, would watch boxing or baseball if they were on.  We watched a shit load of that and I told him once that I wanted to be a boxer.  In an unflatering way he told me that only blacks and Mexicans did that.  His thing was baseball and when we’d go to Dodger games it seemed like he personally knew every Dominican and Cuban in the game no matter which teams were playing.  I wish I still had all the autographed baseballs I got back then.  The old lady, Romelia, was the old school type of housewife that always had something cooking on the stove, so when ever you came by for a visit or to stay, she would offer you food.  God what I wouldn’t do for a plate of her black beans (frijoles negros), fried plantain (platano) and some hot flan pudding.  I’m glad she didn’t live to see me go through my hard times, would have broken her heart, but I would have liked to have seen her on the other side of it all.  I’d like to think that there is another side where we can meet as souls with those people that we cared about that are no longer with us.  More and more every day.  Ha, ha, from Kaos to life after death, can’t beat that.

ren_and_stimpy_by_facerotTis the season, but I don’t feel it.  I don’t know why that is.  Just another tooth on a gear in this system.  I like to think that for those I care about, I’m always hoping for the best for them all year round.  I guess it’s a good time to get together and feast, but it always starts badly for me when they start showing Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving is even over.  A capitalist’s wet dream, like the idea that every woman must have a diamond.  So much to be said about this holiday and what it’s supposed to mean versus what it is taken to mean, but I don’t want to bring down the well wishers.  Lets not leave you with the thought that Mustard Relics is soley a home for grumpy old grinches and instead sing along with Ren and Stimpy, “Happy Happy Joy Joy“.

Was listening to that classic rock station again and had to finally look it up after 30 years.  It’s “Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night blinded by the light”, not “wrapped up like a douche, show no the runner in the night, blinded by the light”.  What do you know, actually a Springsteen tune.  Does anyone know the Manfred Mann tune I’m talking about?

Along those classic rock lines, just to show you how much of a sap I can be, I give you the live version of the Scorpions, Still Loving You.  If you can honestly say that you listened to all 5 minutes 49 seconds of that, I will let you pick my next post.

Discharge!?!?  Yeah, yeah, I know, these guys can be found any and every place, and posting them may seem like beating a dead horse.  This shit just had to be posted.  If I was in the habit of making punk/hardcore mix tapes for you and I never put these guys on at least one of them, I would be doing both of us, along with the band, a diservice.  How could these guys not be on this site?  Can they ever get old, like day after day, seeing your house, after a long day at work?  Second, this is not an mp3 collectors site, this is a place to share Mustard (me), Relics (that which is left after the rest has rotted away).  You can get both these 7″s on the Clay Punk Singles collection and pretty much the entire Discharge discography in one blog or another.  These are just an early sample but I like how within a year there is a difference in the sound between these two 7″s recorded in 1980.  Check that, a little mellower on the first and thumped up on the second.  While reading up on whatever I could find about these guys, I found something very interesting in the form of Pushead’s Unofficial Top 100 of the 80’s (check #1).  I think I like these guys better than I did back in the early 80’s but for some reason I lumped them with GBH and the Exploited.  Anyway, blah blah blah, these guys at this point were tearing shit up and there’s nothing I can say (except let me know if the rips I did were okay).  Later




Realities Of War

They Declare It

But After The Gig

Society’s VictimFight Back

War’s No Fairytale

Always Restrictions

You Take Part In Creating This System

Religion Instigates


10 thoughts on “Discharge – first two 7″s

  1. Mustard – A great piece about your godparents. The things Cubans can do with bananas. There is one dish where they cook them and they are sweet and dessert-like, and another where bake the banana, and it comes out tasting like a potato.

    Get smart is a trip to watch now, you see Mel Brooks and Buck Henry in the created/written by credits. I always like when Max would ask the chief for the “cone of silence” and then ask to borrow a buck.

    You are 100% right when you say Discharge, GBH and Exploited are in the same boat. I liked GBH a bit, I think I had their logo painted on my leather jacket, but now with my older ears . . . they bore me.

    From that era, I still love Blitz.

    Thanks for another great post.

  2. I still lump them with GBH and Exploited. I still think Hardcore was an American thing and most bands too far outside of the US never really got it.

  3. Well, I don’t see the lumping thing between Discharge, GBH and Exploited. Discharge were so fierce & aggressive. Exploited are just total garbage and that Wattie idiot needs to get kicked in his ugly face as often as can be. GBH had a few moments. But Discharge …. just totally awesome and impossible to overrate.

  4. Elliott, I hope you didn’t miss my point and think I was just presenting these to be absorbed into the old hard drive. Instead the tunes, as they are most of the time, are meant to be absorbed through the ears, into your heart and mind.

    Yeah Mike there was always bananas and plantain in the house. The two ways I remember were mashed, and fried with salt or mashed and fried with sugar. The Cuban culture is a part of me, I suppose mixed in with some generic American city, suburb and rural aspects along with some other shit. Because of that Cuban exposure my first words were actually in Spanish.

    I didn’t get into too much detail in what I originally wrote, but I did want to say that even though I did lump Discharge into the same group as GBH and the Expoited (Varukers, Disorder, English Dogs, etc.), Discharge was the far superior sound (actually pretty partial to Varukers and Disorder). These were just bands from England, from the early 80’s, that weren’t either Oi! or a Crass band. Plus the old buddy who turned me onto them, Kevin Amos, was a big time GBH/Exploited fan. Discharge (1980-1982) is a band unto themselves, hence putting them in the top ten all time category.

  5. early Discharge is a great example of what was going on in the second wave of punk-guys determined to fuck shit up! Their later stuff, when the singer changed his style, leaves a bit to be desired. Not sure that they could be lumped with GBH and The Exploited though, since the musical styles are completely different.

  6. Nothing as fine as memories of wonderful people. I, too, believe we will meet those fine folks another time. There has been too much energy put into those loved ones that are now gone…and the energy is still going. Anyways. You know how much I love Discharge. One of my all time fave bands, until Cal decided he was Rob Halford,and really sounded like shit. Erich is correct about Twattie. I cannot stand the Exploited…the music is pathetic and really annoying to me. I suffered through their set a couple of times and it was horrible. Thanks again.

  7. I had a discharge once… hurt like hell.
    realities of war, shit dude, they need more IDF I cant get a headache from what they provide.
    I love your spiels.
    All the 70s shows seen em all, glad they are over. used to boast and watch ren and stimpy with Mindy all day on saturdays or whenever MTV would play marathons….Happy New Year to you and yours and the rest of us.

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