The Swing Letters – All Right Here

The Swing LettersMy old buddy Charles “Chuck” Anderson of the immortal One Man Running and Grimace (look around this place you can listen to oodles of their tunes) has a new band that I’m head over heals excited about. I was lucky enough to have “found” Chuck on Facebook again, but to know that he’s still doing music is a blessing for anyone lucky enough to listen. Don’t know too much about the Swing Letters, except they fucking rock. Apparently they have recorded a bunch of tunes and have one mastered so far, and let me say this first one is a humdinger. Can you say C-A-T-C-H-Y? The tune is written by the singer/guitar player, Rand Berke, (I believe he does all the song writing) and he’s no slouch when it comes to putting words to music. Chuck and the drummer make such a solid rhythm section that you’d have to physically hold your foot down to keep it from tapping along. For some reason early Talking Heads comes to mind. Anyway, they have a Facebook page of their own, so maybe if you dig the tune below as much as I did you could follow along with me and find out when they release some more…

Hau – s/t EP

Hau-ep-coverBack in action for some long awaited reviews, thank God my inbox still has consistent gifts of waiting for me, although it’s a never ending struggle to keep up with them. Shit, there’s only so many hours in the day to listen and reflect on my favorite topic, but I usually feel rewarded when it’s all said and done. This time around we have a couple of folks, hailing from the ancient land of Greece, laying it on heavy with fresh originality. I put them in the “Industrial” category, which fits in the most general sense, but these guys have a very refined, specific sound and I don’t even know exactly how to categorize them or if that’s even important, other then to give you, the potential listener a hint at what you might be getting yourself into. They are self described as “HAU are a noise-rock duo band. Their music is industrial, noise improvisation, analog sound and various other genres. The duo was created in 2012 where they started creating their own stuff.”
HauFirst thing that came to mind for me was the most hectic of Am Rep vibes, the kind that makes you think that these guys must be a little hectic or even unstable themselves. I mean how the hell does a guy come up with this type of sound? Is it planned, something that was there to in their minds and just waiting to be given form or does it come out of something else and then evolves in the practice room into it’s final form? Here is what they had to say, “HAU activate, through “broken”, deformed guitar/live electronics themes and tribal/break rhythms, the human restlessness and oppression as a necessary and capable condition to create a foreboding overturn.” That makes sense.
haupiccc Overall I find myself going back to thinking of them as this harsh industrial, not unlike early stuff from live instrument Industrial Metal acts like Nine Inch Nails or Ministry. On the other hand, it may not be fair to compare them to those guys, as these two are way underground, there’s not a trace of anything mainstream about them. I like that, sort of a punk 1977 attitude. Looking over what I’ve written so far about the band, in describing them, I have limited them, there is no limit to this sound. Taken as a whole, this EP explores a lot of territory and is heavy on the variety of sounds and rhythms…well worth a listen. They’ve got a Bandcamp and a Blogspot so those would be a good places to start if you’re interested or walk the plank right now and dive into their tunes here…

1st Review!!!

mike_checkThe first review of my own personal money pit, the Martyred Heretics comp, is in at Strange Reaction via my old friend (that I’ve never actually met), author and fellow blogger Michael Essington

“This is a genre I know nothing about. So, coming into this as a novice to the Electronica sound I have to admit some of it was very interesting and original, some stuff just like noise, while a few tracks sounded like a UFO invasion. But one thing I’ll admit, all of it was extremely original.

Most of all, hats off to Justin Hrabe for compiling this and for having the ambition to see this project through. Great job, man!
If you don’t own it, give it a listen, my review may be wrong.”

Rating: ** * two out of three stars.”

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Sunday Candy

chance_socexpMy boy Chance has crossed my path again with some of his special brand of music, my own boy turned me onto him way back when and now he’s on my radar. As I did back then, after I listened to some of his newest work, I continue to find myself amazed. I don’t know too much about the genre, but I feel like this guy is a one of a kind type of spirit, at times deeply rooted here on earth and other time soaring through the clouds. The young man is definitely putting in his time and surrounds himself with other like minded creative minds. On this latest tour, he’s been doing a cover of the theme song for the cartoon Arthur (I remember watching that show with my son back in the late 90s), “Wonderful Everyday”. On the studio version, among others, it features Wyclef Jean. Such a thoughtfully optimistic and cheerful song…
Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment – Wonderful Everyday: Arthur
Most recently, as in I just heard about it the other day a new tune and another forth coming album (mixtape?) called “Surf”. I laid the tune on my son Liam, for his thoughts and his reply, “I don’t know about you but I loved it…so fresh so new…so different.” No lie huh, Chance is like the first person to set foot on another planet, and his reply back to us is in his music. This newest tune/release is called Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and features Chance with three other like minded folks (the back up female vocalist Jamila Woods has an otherworldly voice). This thing is pretty much like anything Chance has a hand in, solid, as in a solid block of gold…
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Sunday Candy