Рaдость Моя – Беги туда, где нет никого

COStumbled across this “band” not too long ago. I was looking into the Death Industrial scene, but I guess this is more Witch House (so MANY sub-genres of Industrial, it’s crazy). I dig the music for it’s dreamy, nightmarish vibe but I suppose what I dig most is the juxtaposition of the vocals, the siren-like female singing and the sinister spoken word male parts. I know nothing about the scene this is a part of, my guess is younger dancing folk, with makeup, funky clothes and tripped out haircuts…

You can stream the whole album here…

Unter den Linden feat. Our Scenes – Honey, all this talk about carpe diem — let’s cut the crap: we’ll postpone it

Our ScenesBjorn, is one of those virtual friends, a damn good one, one I’ve mentioned many times around here, and my opportunity to name drop someone from the Swedish old school punk rock scene. We don’t talk all the time, but every once in a while he’ll drop me a line and usually at least one tune of something worth listening to. This time it’s a blending of the old and the new, Unter den Linden (his band) and Our Scenes (his Daughter’s band). This is the type of music that everybody should be listening to instead of the crap I have heard from the popular scene. Super catchy with balls, building up and breaking down, passively fierce…God I love this, dude can really write a tune…

Christ On Parade – A Mind Is A Terrible Thing LP


This here record is absolutely essential listening.  Had it on cassette forever, just recently got the vinyl. Maybe the best release on Mind Matter Records, if it there was something as ridiculous as a competition.   It’s funny I’m at a loss for words lately, which is sad to me, seeing how I want to convey greatness on a record I have loved for so long.  Oh well, here it is in a;; it’s glory…

Teach Your Children Well
Joshua Brown
Pressure To Succeed
T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity
Nothing To Live For
Rock ‘N’ Roll Armageddon
Twenty Years
Everyone’s Crazy
Riding The Flatlands
Kill Your Landlord
Stupid Questions (Not To Ask)
Self Serving/Doctors
Dead Meat
Old Mac Donalds Farm

…is there anybody out there?

Steve-BuscemiLonging for the days when I would get 20+ comments on a post and there was some kind of dialog…about the only place you can virtually find that anymore is on the dreaded Facebook. Don’t make me have Steve Buscemi plant one on your mouth…if you’re reading this, throw me a bone in the form of a comment.  It has no bearing on whether or not I continue to run this establishment, I’m just curious if there are any silent visitors…

Angels Dust – Musings cassette/CD

Our friends at Angels Dust doing what they do best. I’ve only heard two tunes so far and love it (one a remix and another brand spanking new). Mostly remixes done by other producers of older trax, and also some new trax. You can pick this up in cassette or CD tomorrow…