Random Ramblings™ (600th post)

Craig600 fucking posts baby! It took 7 1/2 years which makes this on of my biggest accomplishments.  This place may not be God’s gift to the music lover, but it is one music lover’s attempt to enlighten and entertain (and I enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice). We don’t get many comments these days, certainly not like we used to, but still lots of hits and bands are still dropping me notes to give their work a listen. Speaking of which, I’m way behind on my reviews, there’s about 10 bands spinning on the virtual turntable right now (plus all the real shit I’ve been picking up here and there [yes I finally made to someplace with a record store {4 hours away} so I could celebrate Record Store Day]).   Expect (or not) to read reviews about the likes of…
The Chewers
Tyranny is Tyranny
Empty Hands
Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
Toten Schwan Records
Dancing Deadlips
A Band of Orcs
Nomad/Wort split
There’s just so little time, either I listen to music sent to me and write reviews or I listen to the records that I buy. For instance, just bought the 2×10″, 1×7″ Eternal Soul boxset, a dark ambient/neo-classical collection, because there was a Karjalan Sissit composition on there, and, as it turns out, I was completely turned upside down by another tune…
Arditi – Religion of the Blood

Still on an industrial kick, check this…
Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 1 …same thing on Youtube

electionsTrying to think happy thoughts but this country is so fucked right now, more of an oligarchy than it ever was. In the 50s a CEO made 20x what the lowest employee made, now it’s 265x. Gluttony is the American dream. And what the fuck is up with the Obama hating? I hate to play the race card, but that seems to be the only thing to explain it, a Black President. People vehemently hate the guy, but in my opinion he’s just another politician. My biggest problem with him was his support of the National Defense Authorization Act, but all those idiots supported it. And now that this guy is on his way out, we’ve got idiots lining up to put their hat in the ring. They’ll sing their song and dance, but nothing will change, the rich will continue to get rich (by whatever means) and the poor will continue to be poor.  So fucking frustrating.  Meanwhile, my pet issue is the legalization of hemp.  Yeah they should legalize/decriminalize marijuana and set free all non-violent drug offenders, but where it’s at is hemp.  For once, we should be stepping backward in time to when it was used for everything from medicine to wiping your ass.  When this happens, even though it would be a baby step I would feel like human existence makes sense (at least in this country because the rest of the world is just as fucked, if not more so).

My buddy Bjorn from Sweden laid another PDJ oldie from ’95 on me, great tune, definitely share worthy…
pilleemandjoonks – penis
He also laid a whole live set on me, but I need to split the tracks, edit/label them, so expect that on the horizon too.

I guess other than being fixated on industrial music, I have dabbled a bit in the doom, stoner, sludge realm. This was mainly brought on by my old Humboldt friend and KFJC DJ, Ophelia Necro and her Husband’s band Bog Oak. They inspired this (and supplied the last tune)…
Mustard Relics Stoner Mix 1 …same thing on Youtube

From the best claymation guy out there right now, Lee Hardcastle…his brutal take on the flick Frozen…

Just in case the link disappears, here it is again, FROZEN – Blood Test scene

Femme Fatality – Stranger EP

strangerartowrkIt wasn’t that long ago that I was singing the praises of Femme Fatality with their video for the tune Stranger, which not so coincidentally is their title track of their new EP. Welly well, I’m a bit behind on my reviews, and I had to put my ass in gear to try to beat a midnight deadline, because this bad boy was released today. As I said in my previous review, I can’t believe these guys aren’t huge, but then again most people are idiots and they wouldn’t know good music unless it was hammered into their fucking brains like a spike. Femme Fatality blow me away, their catalog goes back over ten years and if you go back and listen they have been killin it for exactly that long. These guys have talent spewing out of every orifice, in the form of melancholy rainbows. They are not makers of cheerful music, but they brought me immense joy in listening to their songs. Five songs is just not enough and if you have any sense, once your socks are knocked off listening to those, you’ll go back and listen to their back catalog. The “hit” is obviously “Stranger”, but each and every song stands on it’s own as a testimony to fantastic, over the top song writing…very listenable. You can get this thing digitally at Spotify,
Itunes, Amazon, and CDbaby, but in my opinion the place to go is Bandcamp where you can also pick up a physical CD (limited to 100 copies). I realize that music is bound by taste, but these guys are like chocolate chip cookies and everybody should like those. Go below to Bandcamp and give them a spin…

Here’s the vid again for “Stranger”…

Party of One – Shotgun Funeral 7″

PoOMusic is a simple pleasure (maybe not all the time) and it’s nice when you run across something that is just, plain old, good. Good songwriting, good lyric, good musicianship. Picked up this 7″ for a buck, along with 4 others from Discogs (3 out of the 5 sucked), just picking random cheap ones by the listed genre alone. This one was listed as experimental in Discogs and I guess I don’t know what that is, because I had something else in mind, as this definitely has a post-rock, post-punk kinda vibe and a much better description was Soundcloud, “neo-psychedelic folk”. They remind me a lot of the Thermals, or at least the one song I like by them, the Thermals – Never Listen to Me.  I love the guys voice, apathetic, mixed with uber-catchy music and to top it all off there’s an oboe solo…
Shotgun Funeral

Delta 9 – From Darkness 12″

D9bD9aMy main man, when it comes to feeding my mind with Industrial Hardcore, Seanocide, came through in spades with this one. I asked if he knew of any seriously ugly, evil hardcore gabber type shit and one of his suggestions was this 12″ from 2008, the first release on his own Devil Times Nine label.  UGLY & EVIL in spades!!!  This is seriously some of the best hardcore I have ever heard.  This guy Delta 9 comes from another world, because they don’t have shit this cool on planet Earth. It’s hardcore of the finest sort, but it’s got elements of straight up industrial music and isn’t limited, it’s sophisticated. There’s that, almost military steady banging, mixed with the perfect sinister samples and constantly changing melodies to keep you guessing. Anybody who says that these electro freaks aren’t really artists or musicians, hasn’t heard this guy and this may well be his masterpiece…unfucking believeable…

From Darkness
Avi Satani
Devils Reign
Devils Reign Remix