Sacrilege – The Demo Tapes

Antiseen doing Twisted Brain just seems perfect right now. Saw these guys in Humboldt, 90-ish, but for whatever reason didn’t realize how cool of a band these guys were/are. The heshers in the audience kept hollering, “play faster”!

Sacrilege demos1Sacrilege demos2Been wanting to post this one for a while now, so long that I’m not even sure I’m in the mood for it. My first exposure to the band was the Anglican Scrape Attic flexi and the tune “Blood Run” (may be the same version on here, I don’t know those things). The mid-80s were pretty rad for music…

Dig Your Own Grave
Blind Acceptance
Stark Reality
A Violation Of Something Sacre
Blood Run
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Flight Of The Nazgul
Sight Of The Wise
The Captive
Search Eternal
The Fear Within
Winds Of Vengeance
Spirit Cry


ChiefMr. Will Sampson! Jack is okay, good even, but man Will was a one of a kind man.

Lots to say, but just not feeling the writing thing.  It’s not like I’m some sort of skilled writer, crafting paragraphs like a potter crafts pottery, here at the Relics i’s all about making mud pies.  Facebook is like the evilest of drugs, keeping you pleasantly numb while bombarding you with other peoples bullshit, mixed with just enough networking with old/new friends to keep you coming back.  The days of the blog are done.  I’m like that Japanese guy on an island still fighting a war 20 years after it ended…

ancient_skull_2I’m keen these days to quote others when I don’t have a coherent comment of my own, so here’s my buddy Shawn’s 2 cents on the 4 year old and the gorilla thing…
“Thing with zoo’s you got to assume 33.333% of the people are morons. No matter how you try to teach and enforce etiquette, young and old throw stuff in, climb in to get something they dropped, sit their kid on the edge of the enclosure so they can get him/her in the same frame as the rhino, bang on the walls, break stuff, trample vegetation. They need their own exhibit. There is always that fine line where you try to make the animal visible, but also both keep it in (and feeling happy and secure) and keep people and their detritus out, which is nearly always detrimental to the animal. In this sense, the zoo bears some responsibility in that they had an avenue for something to enter the exibit (in this case the kid). Of course, since I don’t know the situation, the zoo may have had a sufficient enclosure, and people can always find a way around the safety structures to get a better selfie. That said, if it wasn’t a fluke accident, the guardians of the kid violated the most basic principles of common sense, hold the vast majority of the responsibility, and should be prosecuted for child endangerment.”
Two things I would add to that…Great Apes should not be kept in captivity…and this is yet another media “story” aimed ultimately at mind control…

This here thing below is my latest “Industrial” comp, sort of a greatest hits of of 6 other like minded comps I’ve done for myself. After spending a year listening to/exploring Industrial music, this is what I have come up with…some old, some medium old and some new. In my opinion, biased as it inevitably should be, every song on here is worth a listen, if you’re so inclined. Obviously, if you were making your own such thing, if that is your thing, you could have a completely different mix altogether…

Get it below…


mr picklesMy new favorite cartoon, Mr. Pickles, on Adult Swim at 11 on Sundays. I have about a hundred favorite cartoons, being an animation maniac, but this is the best in that particular niche involving demonic serial killer dogs. The second season is playing now but you can download the first season HERE. “The show is rated TV-MA for graphic, bloody violence (V), strong sexual content, including nudity, depiction of deviant sexual acts, and sexual violence (S), and offensive language (L). In the small, old-fashioned world of Old Town, which is slowly being taken over by the modern world, the Goodman family and their innocent 6-year-old son Tommy obtain a border collie named Mr. Pickles. The two spend their days romping around Old Town on classic adventures — while unbeknownst to Tommy and the family (except for Tommy’s grandfather), Mr. Pickles’ secret evil streak drives him to slip away to kill, mutilate and hump his victims.” An instant Mustard Relic…

Disidentes - Ensayos y ConciertosEn el HeldenBeen sitting on this part of the post for two years now, don’t exactly know why I chose this moment to make it current, except that I’m seemingly random like that. My buddy Freddy turned me onto these guys, being our resident expert on the Peruvian music scene, among other things.  He knew I was just getting my feet wet in the history of Industrial music and sure enough Peru had it’s own thriving scene during that early history.  Disidentes is extremely old school, real basic stuff here, obviously early 80s.  If you’re looking for something high tech, then this is not it, instead you get simple synth, drum machine and live percussion. I got the music and scans from the inactive (for quite some time now) Obscura Escencia, so thanx to that person are in order. In case it does disappear completely here is the text…
“Los primeros indicios de la música industrial en Perú deviene de la experimentación de los músicos en la búsqueda de una forma diferente de percibir el sonido. El ruido renace así no como una interferencia sino como la música misma, principio de la inarmonia circundante en las melodías duras y acidas que se creaban espontáneamente, proyección de las difíciles épocas de los 80. El primer proyecto que introdujo y dio su manifestación mas amplia fue Disidentes (que luego daría paso a T de Cobre) y que en sus trabajos muestra influencia de grupos como Einzturzende Neubaten, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Kraftwerck, etc. Trabajando en base a pedales, teclados, cilindros, instrumentos metálicos que golpeaban al ritmo efervescente de la industrialización primeriza en Lima. El proyecto fue integrado por Martin Ponce, Raúl Mondragón, Rodrigo Vivar y Hoover (baterista de Salón Dada), con la cual se presentan hasta mediados de 1988, año en que se disuelve el proyecto para dar paso a T de Cobre.”

Sin Titulo 1
Sin Titulo 2
Sin Titulo 3
Sin Titulo 4
Sin Titulo 5
Sin Titulo 1 (en vivo)
Sin Titulo 2 (en vivo)
Sin Titulo 3 (en vivo)

Cyrnai – Charred Blossoms 12″

Been feeling really good about my dog Grizzly. I have always loved his spoiled ass, but we seem to be more in tune. About the only time he doesn’t listen is when he’s chasing cats or my mini-donkey Jet Li. Except for being very jealous when I give another animal attention, he knows what I’m thinking and I know what he’s thinking. It’s cliche to wish that I was that way with people. But really, fuck most people. I spend 8 hours a day kissing ass at work, not by choice, it’s a job requirement, and that along with Facebook, really leaves me sour on the human race. So it is with the dogs that I find comfort…

C-CB1Picking up where we left off, the last time we visited the Mind Matter Records label. This one was my most recent score.  Even though I knew about the label very early on, it wasn’t until several years after the development of an internet, that I discovered it. Carolyn Fok, is Cyrnai, Discogs has this to say, “Cyrnai is Los Angeles-born painter, writer and electronic musician Carolyn Fok. She self-produced a number of cassettes and eventually released Charred Blossoms (1985). It took a decade to release the follow-up, the ambitious multimedia project Transfiguation (1996), and then The Listener (2000), which is less ambitious but perhaps more accomplished.” With Charred Blossoms, she spins a trippy, dreamy, industrial web, nothing like the straight up anarcho punk the label is known for…

Phobic In Ruins
Noct (Mourning Glare)
Incision Tree

If you were digging that, here’s several more Cyrnai releases…

Cyrnai – Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel
Cyrnai – To Subtle-Drive
Cyrnai-Dan Joseph – Hypno-Seizure

…on this here release, she plays bass…

Trial – Moments Of Collapse

The only release of hers that I know of, not represented here is the Transfiguration CD, her last release in 96 can be found at iTunes!