Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun pitää

My buddy Bjorn has enlightened me once again with this band. I have worked with adults that have developmental disabilities for over ten years now, making this type of work a Mustard Relic thing, and how it warmed my heart to see a bunch of guys with disabilities break out with some punk rock-ed-ness. They apparently won some kind of Finnish contest with this performance, which is a semi final to some kind of greater European contest, Eurovision. The comments on Youtube were varied, but some indicated that these guys were terrible and won out of sympathy. I would say they are wonderfully terrible, just as punk was meant to be, pissed, frustrated, simple, straight forward…music to my ears ears. No retro bullshit here, this is the real deal. There is an interview with the band too…

Martyred Heretics review!!!

My Greek Brother (that I’ve never met) Pantelis of Pornostroika Dadaifi, did a huge solid by spreading the word about the Martyred Heretics CD and got us a review at a site called Gangleri. Go there and check it out or check it out below.  3 out of 5 stars, not bad…

v/a * Martyred Heretics (cd 2014)

I got this compilation with a Beläten order. It is limited to 200 copies and so far the only release on the Mustard Relics Recordings label.

After an introduction follows a nice track of what we would call “minimal wave” nowadays, but according to Discogs the project called Prayers only released two 7″s on WEA and EMI in 1990 and 1992, filed “eurohouse”!
Continuing with Angels Dust, a new project that creates strange ‘beat-scapes’ with female vocals. Perhaps best described as IDM. Not really my cup of tea. The other track of Angels Dust does not sound entirely alike, but the description again fits.
Pornostroika Dadaifi also contributed two tracks. Discogs lists them as a “Cyber Punk band formed in 1999 in Lesvos, Greece”. This may go for the weird and nice second track, the first is a less interesting experimental, atmospheric thing; perhaps old-style-industrial is a decription.
Another project with no releases on Discogs: Mach Baron. Their only track starts as dark ambient, but quickly goes over in quite typical “gabber”, hardcore techno.
Then we have a project that does have two releases on Discogs, recent even, 2014. Street Sects makes noisy industrial rock. Not of the typical Ministry style, but do think in that direction.
After this follows the only project that I knew: Blitzkrieg Baby. Kim Sølve contributed a nice, strange and slow industrial track.
The next project I have not mentioned until here presents an interesting track. Pyrotoxxxn starts with a dark sound over rattling beats and after a more quiet middle part continues with more ‘hiphopish’ rhythms. The end becomes more energetic and interesting again.
So how do I describe the track of Peopling? A steady, noisy pulse functions as rhythm. A (digitalised?) bass guitar makes the only thing that can be called a melody and then there are strange vocals. A noisy interlude slides into a more quiet end. A very interesting track! Peopling has another interesting track. “Groundloss” I think is more in the nowave tradition with noise created with guitars and effects.
A long track is Scab Queen‘s “White Forest” of almost 10 minutes. This is a (to me) uninteresting unstructured ‘scape of sounds’.
The longest track lasts almost 15 minutes. Glanko‘s “Terr” (live!) starts as dark ambient, takes over a third of the track to go over in a more guitar-trance like middle part with a piano-synth and ends more spacey again. A track much different from what came before, but interesting when you enjoy experimental spacerock kind of music.

Not only uncommon names, but also uncommon sounds. Some of it is quite nice, so “Martyred Heretics” makes a good surprice. Buy as cd or Bandcamp release. Click on the link below.

Link: Mustard Relics Records

The Chewers – Dead Dads

The Chewers promoI’ve been debating giving up the review thing, in favor of my random rambling, as these reviews have become a burden with all the requests I’ve been getting. But…the Chewers demand my (our) attention. Round two from these guys, we’ve been accosted by the Chewers before with their Chuckle Change and Also, where we found them diddling our diabolically demented insides. They are self-described as “The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two freaks who crawled from the woods of West Virginia to taint the water of the Nashville underground. Once there they began to hammer out an idiosyncratic brand of avant-garde rock’n’roll, and infused it with a wry and deadpan sense of humor.”  Freaks is right, these guys are a couple of real weirdos. You can’t fake this shit, it would be a real blast to have a cup of coffee with these guys and just take a trip into their minds. There is nothing quite like the Chewers but the first semi equivalent that came to mind was his royal highness, Frank Zappa, minus the noodling solos and jazz fusion-ness. This is more straightforward in a crooked kind of way. The music is simple but then again it’s whacked out and lyrically it’s like Shel Silverstein on acid. You remember that scene in Star Trek where Khan sticks a gruesome looking bug in McCoy’s ear, that’s what the Chewers are up to, sinister mind control. If you don’t believe me, here’s what the big time reviewers are saying, “Nightmarish, witty, compelling and deeply, deeply unusual.” -Neill Dougan (Thumped), “Their Americana is absurd and brutal — part Faulkner and part ‘Gummo’…” -Dann Chinn (Misfit City), “…mind-melting, idiosyncratic Beefheartian punk from the outer limits.” -The Devil Has the Best Tuna, “Outstanding — funny, weird and rocking” -Johnny Dowd.  The Chewers are really good at what they do, they’ve done it twice to me now, but what they do is up to you to decide. Here’s one of my favorites…
“Dig the Pit”

You can check them out at their website, aptly called, The Chewers and they have a Bandcamp, where, eventually, you’ll be able to pick this up on CD.

Dancing Deadlips – Song of the Flight

DD1Something completely new and different for me with this release outta Poland. To label it in the simplest of terms, I would call it ambient spoken word, but really the sound is limitless. There may be a whole world of these kinds of compositions out there, but, if so, I’ve never found it. Dee, the woman behind it all (including the cover art), has a created a whole universe, like Frank Herbert created the world of Dune. I see myself sitting on another planet surrounded by strange sights and sounds, listening as a story unfolds. In her words, “this album is my adaptation of Ancient Nahuatl poetry with female vocals, post-punk and industrial elements, dark ambient, soundscape and other sounds.” As I said, I’ve never heard anything like this before, but I got immense satisfaction, slapping on my headphones, immersing myself in the surreal realness on the “music” and words (I love her darkly sexy Polish accent). I think in my correspondence with her, I said it “really took me for a ride.” And ride on is what she’s doing as she told me that, “I’ve been working on a brand new, full-length album, I think I will be ready to release it by the end of this year (in Autumn, I guess)” and “we have plans for some improvisation-based concerts (maybe even a tour) this Summer/Autumn with my friends from other drone/free jazz/experimental projects.” You can catch Dancing Deadlips all over place, including but not limited to Bandcamp, LastFM, Deviant Art, Facebook and Twitter.  On top of this project she’s got a collaboration with Potworow that you can listen to here and they have some videos at Suspense Ambient. Below is a sample…

So give Dancing Deadlips a spin…

I can’t stand the rain…

tornadoThis past Saturday we found ourselves at Walmart. Before I go further, let me say something about me shopping at Walmart. My Wife loves the place, while I can’t stand it, but I can’t deny it is inexpensive (what’s the real cost of that savings, right). The local store in the town where I work is twice as expensive and they pay their workers shit wages too. So we drive almost an hour away to save a buck. Anyway, so we’re there last Saturday, and the sirens go off for a tornado warning. A tornado watch means that conditions are favorable for a tornado, while a tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted nearby. So Walmart’s masterplan is to move everyone to the back of the store, telling us no more shopping and if you don’t like it you can leave. Well I was good for about ten minutes of that, waiting for the roof to be torn off this evil place. I told the wife we should go outside and have a smoke, I want to see it coming. We go out and have a smoke, and it’s a bit of a buzzkill as the clouds had moved on to the North East. Finished our smokes and went back to saving a buck.

Everyone seems to be in a drought these days and we are no exception, so Saturday’s rain was welcome. Some people can’t stand the rain though. Was listening to one of my classic rock stations on my way to work at 9 this morning, and Dan Akroyd’s Bluesmobile segment comes on. I didn’t really hear what he was saying but when the song came on I thought it was Missy Elliott’s “The Rain”. Turns out it’s the song Missy heavily sampled from, Ann Peebles’ “I Can’t Stand the Rain”.  Damn good tune…

The killer audio from that vid…
Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain
and just in case that vid disappears from YT, here it is direct…Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain (Rare Unplugged)
The award winning Missy Elliott song/video

Once again, in case this one disappears from YT, here it is direct…Missy Elliott – The Rain [Supa Dupa Fly]