Blitzkrieg Baby – Cannibal Commando cassette

Blitzkrieg Baby - Cannibal CommandoMy virtual friend (at least I hope we are friends, sometimes it’s all in my mind) laid a huge piece of aural pleasure on me (pleasure is a relative term, some people enjoy the darkness). I’ve been sittin on it way too long, fucked up and didn’t spill the beans before the release date of September 30th. I have listened to these 5 songs, 19 minutes worth, a dozen times and if you’re into the finest that modern Industrial artists have to offer, it can be found on the Cannibal Commando cassette. Back in June of 2014 I gave you their Kid’s World EP and I wrote “Put your big boy pants on because I’m bringing guns to a knife fight with this one…if you have an inkling towards any one of the many incarnations, under the greater umbrella of Industrial music, this band will blow you away. Blitzkrieg Baby isn’t some amateur toying around with some sampling program, this is as real as it gets…” That goes for this release too. This shit would make a perfect soundtrack to a horror movie, but this ain’t no fairy-tale, this is life, as real as it gets, harsh and ugly, putting a rhythm to human suffering. Kim Sølve is a genius, plain and fucking simple. I really can’t believe how good he is with this latest release, I would match BB up against any of the industrial giants, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse with Wound, Esplendor Geometrico, etc.  Back on that, Kid’s World EP post, I did an impromptu interview with Kim, so if your interested in some back round info, check that.  As far as the work at hand Canniabl Commando, I got a Press letter from Kim, here’s the gist of it, “Blitzkrieg Baby is back! 1.5 years after their Kids’ World EP on Beläten, they have returned with an EP that takes their twisted combination of Industrial and Pop further than ever. Blitzkrieg Baby serves up lyrics from the crème de la crème of the modern condition—cannibalism, war crimes, pre-pubescent murderers, world domination, and the end of civilization—fueled by endless frustration with human existence. The only light in Blitzkrieg Baby’s world-view is the glint in the knife as it cuts through your throat. Blitzkrieg Baby are willing outsiders and uncompromising purveyors of industrial music in the true sense of the word: no barriers, no rules, and never any inkling of hope.” Overall, I’m not an expert enough in the many genres of Industrial music to quite nail it down, but if I had to describeit, I would say that it has that classic late 70’s sound mixed with rhythmic noise and dark electro, with even an ambient and neo classical feel at times. But those are just words about genres, and pigeon-holing doesn’t do it justice, the only way to get a feel is to listen. I talked to Kim and asked if I could stream this one track. Back in October, last year I released the Martyred Heretics various artists CDr, and Mr. Sølve was kind enough to create this track especially for that comp. Knowing how good that track was, he included it on this latest release. The definition of brutality…


So anyway, I dropped the ball on getting this review done before the release date of September 30th, but it’s never too late to go get this cassette.  You can get it from Belaten…”Beläten has been active since February 2012 and is run by Thomas Martin Ekelund (active musician as Trepaneringsritualen, and in the duo Soma Sema). The aim of Beläten is to disseminate high quality music, without being bound to any particular genre. So far all releases have been cassettes, but don’t think of Beläten as a cassette label. Like all things in this reality, Beläten is in a constant state of flux. Confusion is essential.  Most of the releases are available for cheap, digital purchase at
Beläten releases, and selected mail-order items are available via BigCartel: bealten.bigcartel

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Dope Stars Inc. – Banksters

These guys have been bombarding me with emails, must be part of a mass mailing type of thing. I have a feeling they are bigger than the Relics and have mistaken this site for something more important than it really is (I should be flattered). But, went ahead and listened to several of their tunes, kind of an EBM dance-able post-industrial poppy affair. Not really something I would normally listen to, but they are extremely good at what they do and have been at it for over a decade. They are giving away all their music (actually it’s name your price), a big ole virtual stack, at their Bandcamp. I did run across one of their songs that I really dug…

Creedle – Live The Casbah in San Diego, Ca. on January 23, 2009. 20th anniversary of The Casbah show

vlcsnap-2015-09-27-12h05m22s926My favorite local San Diego band doing what they do best…killin’ it! Saw these guys about a dozen times and was always in awe, the Kings of Jazz Punk. I was long gone when this show happened, but I heard about it and a generous, thoughtful, fortuitous soul has provided the vid for it. You can find him/her at Mvideojukebox and that’s where you should give thanx and praise.  But, as always, just in case the YT links disappear (they do do that at the most inopportune moments), and we just can’t have that, here is the set.  Once again, give thanx to the original uploader (and I’m assuming videographer) at Mvideojukebox

Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 1
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 2
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 3
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 4
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 5
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 6
Creedle Live@The Casbah Part 7

Canray Fontenot – Barres De La Prison

From Bluegrass to Creole (this is history…MAN!). By way of the Alan Lomax Archive…Canray Fontenot (vocal and fiddle), with Freeman Fontenot (accordion) and Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin (triangle). Shot by Alan Lomax and crew near Basile, Louisiana, September 1983. For more information about the American Patchwork filmwork, Alan Lomax, and his collections, visit Cultural Equality.

…audio…Canray Fontenot – Barres De La Prison (1983)